Don’t Forget Your Towel

The Wildsea: The Star Serpent (Part 1)

October 29, 2020

In this post-apocalyptic RPG, human-like creatures sail across the treetops like pirates on the sea. Joined by the creator of The Wildsea, Felix, and experienced sailor, Ryan, our motley crew of cactus people, spore-heads, arachnids and humanoids journey across the waves, discovering ancient ruins and, perhaps, a mystery to be solved. Check out The Wildsea Kickstarter below!

The Wildsea Kickstarter:
The Wildsea Website:

Firefly - Felix Isaacs (@Isaacs_Felix)
Valor - Isabelle Cohen (@Isabelleoninsta)
Yulan - Ryan Khan (@TheonetrueK)
Trizek - Azul Alysum (@DFYT_Podcast)
Achea - Erin O'Flaherty (

Theme song by Michaela Cornelius ( Vocals by Erin O'Flaherty.

Additional Music:

Spring Thaw - Asher Fulero
AnaCaptainslogue - Noir Et Blanc Vie
Harmonic Motion Theme - Free SFX

SFX from:

FreeSound (
Free SFX (


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