Don’t Forget Your Towel

Soth: Cult Christmas (Ep 1)

December 16, 2021

In the small town of Collinsville, worshipers of the ancient deity, Soth, gather for the first of four rituals that will awaken this elder god - and just in time for Christmas! Unfortunately, performing these rituals without alerting anyone to their dark and murderous nature is going to be quite difficult...


Relationship Diagram and Map: (Please be aware, the rest of our website is currently down but you should be able to view this image)


Benjamin Carruthers - Josh Kamau @BlametheRobot
Dottie Stone - Isabelle Cohen @isabelleoninsta
Sage - Michaela Cornelius @MikatteMusic
Kathleen Wilbert - Erin O'Flaherty @erinoflahertyactor
Keeper - Azul Alysum @DFYT_Podcast

Edited by Azul Alysum and Erin O'Flaherty

Theme Song: Composed by Michaela Cornelius
with lead vocals by Erin O'Flaherty, backing vocals by Michaela Cornelius.

Additional Music:

The following were provided by Audio Library :
Light by Land of Fire [Audio Library Release]
Mystery by GoSoundtrack
On Sight by NIMBVS


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